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Winter/Spring 2017 Speakers Series

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SaturdayFeb. 4, 2:00PMWar on the Middleline – Local historian Jim Richmond recounts the 1780 raid by British soldiers, Loyalists, and Mohawk Indians on the recently settled Middleline Road in Ball’s Town and its impact on those taken prisoner and their families. FREE!

Saturday,  Feb. 11, 2:00PMSaipan:  The Friction of War – Retired National Guard officer and historian Pat Chaisson will discuss this key World War II battle fought from June 15 – July 8, 1944.  At Saipan, the largest military operation in the Central Pacific Theater so far, 49,000 US Marines and soldiers hit the beach expecting to fight a handful of poorly-armed enemy castaways.  Instead, over 30,000 well-armed and entrenched Japanese combat troops awaited them. The six weeks that followed were among the bloodiest of the war. FREE!

Saturday, March 11, 2:00PMThe War of 1812 from President Madison's Perspective – Professional historical interpreter Kyle Jenks portrays President Madison discussing the latter part of the War of 1812. From the attack on Fort McHenry that inspired our future national anthem and the Burning of Washington to the Battle of Plattsburgh to the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, President Madison reveals his insightful rendition of the story of America's First Invasion. FREE!

 Saturday, March 18, 2:00PMThe Tammany Regiment – Civil War historian Fred Wexler traces the history of the 42nd New York Volunteer Infantry from its recruitment under the infamous New York City political organization through its three years’ service in some of the most brutal battles of the Civil War.  FREE!

 Saturday, March 25, 2:00PMThe Man Who Captured Tojo - Associated Press reporter Chris Carola will give a presentation on the key role John “Jack” Wilpers, a bookie's son from Saratoga Springs, played in capturing—and keeping alive—one of World War II’s most wanted war criminals, Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo.  Carola will also discuss his 20-year quest to get Wilpers, a CIA retiree, to talk about his place in history for the first time since 1945. FREE!

Saturday, April 8, 2:00PMOver There with O'Ryan's Roughnecks: The 27th Division under British Command, 1918 – The 27th Division, New York’s Own, was one of two US Army divisions to serve under foreign command during World War I.  John Bessette will give an overview of the formation of the 27th Division, its training in America and with the British in France, its deployment in the trenches, and its role in breaking the Hindenburg Line.  He will also discuss the experiences of several representative New York State doughboys, particularly their interactions and relationships with their British and Australian counterparts. FREE!

All events are free and and are at the New York State Military Museum, 61 Lake Avenue.

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